# Configuration

You have the possibility to make certain configurations (optional).

# Custom Models

You can extend the models used internally by Cashier by defining your own model and extending the corresponding Cashier model.

namespace App\Models\Cashier;

use Laravel\Cashier\Subscription as CashierSubscription;

class Subscription extends CashierSubscription
    protected $table = 'subscriptions';

This could be useful, if you want custom behavior or use other table names than the default ones to avoid conflict with existing tables.

Configurable models are:

  • Laravel\Cashier\Subscription
  • Laravel\Cashier\Order\Order
  • Laravel\Cashier\Order\OrderItem
  • Laravel\Cashier\Coupon\AppliedCoupon
  • Laravel\Cashier\Coupon\RedeemedCoupon
  • Laravel\Cashier\Credit\Credit
  • Laravel\Cashier\Refunds\Refund
  • Laravel\Cashier\Refunds\RefundItem
  • Laravel\Cashier\Payment

After defining your model, you may instruct Cashier to use your custom model via the Laravel\Cashier\Cashier class. Typically, you should inform Cashier about your custom models in the boot method of your application's App\Providers\AppServiceProvider class:

use App\Models\Cashier\Subscription;

* Bootstrap any application services.
* @return void
public function boot()
    // ... use the same pattern for additional models