# Events

You can listen for the following events from the Laravel\Cashier\Events namespace:

# BalanceTurnedStale event

The user has a positive account balance, but no active subscriptions. Consider a refund.

# CouponApplied event

A coupon was applied to an OrderItem. Note the distinction between redeeming a coupon and applying a coupon. A redeemed coupon can be applied to multiple orders. I.e. applying a 6 month discount on a monthly subscription using a single (redeemed) coupon.

# FirstPaymentFailed event

The first payment (used for obtaining a mandate) has failed.

# FirstPaymentPaid event

The first payment (used for obtaining a mandate) was successful.

# MandateClearedFromBillable event

The mollie_mandate_id was cleared on the billable model. This happens when a payment has failed because of a invalid mandate.

# MandateUpdated event

The billable model's mandate was updated. This usually means a new payment card was registered.

# OrderCreated event

An Order was created.

# OrderInvoiceAvailable event

An Invoice is available on the Order. Access it using $event->order->invoice().

# OrderPaymentFailed event

The payment for an order has failed.

# OrderPaymentFailedDueToInvalidMandate event

The payment for an order has failed due to an invalid payment mandate. This happens for example when the customer's credit card has expired.

# OrderPaymentPaid event

The payment for an order was successful.

# OrderProcessed event

The order has been fully processed.

# SubscriptionStarted event

A new subscription was started.

# SubscriptionCancelled event

The subscription was cancelled.

# SubscriptionResumed event

The subscription was resumed.

# SubscriptionPlanSwapped event

The subscription plan was swapped.

# SubscriptionQuantityUpdated event

The subscription quantity was updated.

# ChargebackReceived event

Chargeback was received.

# RefundInitiated event

A refund was initiated.

# RefundProcessed event

The refund was processed.

# RefundFailed event

The refund has failed.