# Customer

# Updating customer payment method

For updating a customer's payment mandate, use updatePaymentMethod on the billable instance. In order to authorize a new mandate, the customer will be redirected to Mollie's checkout to perform a minimal payment. The amount, redirect url and description for the update payment method can be configured in config/cashier.php.

use App\Models\User;

$user = User::find(1);

$response = $user->updatePaymentMethod()->create();

return $response;

By default, the amount paid will be added to the customer's balance. If you want to prevent this, apply skipBalance:

$response = $user->updatePaymentMethod()
return $response; 

# Customer balance

In some cases (i.e. when swapping to a cheaper plan), a customer can have overpaid. The amount that has been overpaid will be added to the customer balance.

The customer balance is automatically processed in each Order.

A separate balance is kept for each currency.

There are a few methods available to interact with the balance directly. Use these with care:

$credit = $user->credit('EUR');
$user->addCredit(money(10, 'EUR')); // add €10.00

When an Order with a negative total amount due is processed, that amount is credited to the user balance. A BalanceTurnedStale event will be raised if the user has no active subscriptions at that moment. Listen for this event if you'd like to refund the remaining balance and/or want to notify the user.

# Customer locale

Mollie provides a checkout tailored to the customer's locale. For this it guesses the visitor's locale. To override the default locale, configure it in config/cashier.php. This is convenient for servicing a single country.

If you're dealing with multiple locales and want to override Mollie's default behaviour, implement the getLocale() method on the billable model. A common way is to add a nullable locale field to the user table and retrieve its value:

class User extends Model
     * @return string
     * @link https://docs.mollie.com/reference/v2/payments-api/create-payment#parameters
     * @example 'nl_NL'
    public function getLocale() {
        return $this->locale;