# One-time charges

If you would like to make a one-time charge against a customer, you may use the charge method on a billable model instance.

Leveraging Mollie's recurring features (opens new window), Cashier's one-time charge features work similar to the subscription features:

  1. Build the charge by adding some items.
  2. The customer either gets billed using an existing mandate, or gets redirected to Mollie's checkout to perform a first payment. This will result in a new mandate.
  3. Once the payment has been received in your Mollie account, Cashier Mollie will generate an Order.
use App\Models\User;

$user = App\User::find(1);

$item = new \Laravel\Cashier\Charge\ChargeItemBuilder($user);
$item->unitPrice(money(100,'EUR')); //1 EUR
$item->description('Test Item 1');
$chargeItem = $item->make();

$item2 = new \Laravel\Cashier\Charge\ChargeItemBuilder($user);
$item2->description('Test Item 2');
$chargeItem2 = $item2->make();

$result = $user->newCharge()

if(is_a($result, \Laravel\Cashier\Http\RedirectToCheckoutResponse::class)) {
    return $result;

return back()->with('status', 'Thank you.');