# Testing

Cashier Mollie's test suite is running phpunit. Most tests run locally, without interacting with the Mollie API.

Only the integration tests in /tests/Mollie require the Mollie API to be available and prepared. For your convenience, this test group is disabled by default.

The default set of tests can be run using:

composer test

# Enable Mollie integration tests

In order to run the integration tests against Mollie's API, you'll need to prepare some test resources in your Mollie account, and register these in your phpunit config file.

Start by copying phpunit.xml.dist into phpunit.xml.

Then, remove the mollie_integration from the excluded groups in phpunit.xml.

Finally, prepare the following test resources in your Mollie account and register the related environment variables in phpunit.xml:

Mollie API test key You can obtain this key from the dashboard right after signing up.

<env name="MOLLIE_KEY" value="YOUR_VALUE_HERE"/>

ID of a customer with a valid directdebit mandate


Mandate's ID (of the previously mentioned customer)


ID of a successful ("paid) payment by the customer Use a 1000 EUR amount.

<env name="PAYMENT_PAID_ID" value="YOUR_VALUE_HERE"/>

ID of an unsuccessful ("failed") payment by the customer


Now you can run:

composer test